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4 Awesome Photography Websites and YouTube Channels That Will Help You Improve Your Skills

As a professional photographer and videographer, I am always trying to learn more by trying new techniques to improve my skills. No What Do You Need To Know?matter what your skill level, you should always be learning.

In this post, I will share 4 Websites and the You Tube Channels associated with those sites that can help you become a better photographer at any skill level.

QUICK THOUGHT: I am 100% fine with people getting into the photography business. However, I am not OK with people getting into photography simply because they bought a nice camera over the weekend (often high end consumer version), leaving it on auto to shoot everything (because they don't understand any other settings) and using low prices as their core way of getting business (because that's the only way they feel they can compete). I think that undermines the industry when those 3 things happen.

No matter what career path someone chooses, we all owe it to ourselves to invest in some level of education / learning / core understanding of that career choice. The 4 websites and the 4 YouTube Channels that go along with them below can make a huge difference if someone has chosen photography as their career.

Please note that NONE of these are affiliate links and that I have received no compensation for listing these sites.

Kelby Training

Kelby Training has a tremendous reputation in the industry.  The training is available as an annual subscription ( under $200 as of this post ) or as a monthly recurring fee.  You may also want to consider a NAPP Membership which is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  NAPP is tied to Kelby Training and can save you money on your Kelby Training membership.

Be sure to visit: The YouTube Channel for Kelby Training

Creative Live

Creative Live offers a lot more than just photography training, but since this post is about photography , I'll stick to that topic.  With Creative Live, you can watch the event online for FREE on the day or days of the event.  You can purchase the event at a discounted rate prior to it starting through the end of the event. Shortly after the event is over, the price will likely go up.  The events are archived and you can purchase them individually at a later date.

Be sure to visit: The YouTube Channel for Creative Live

Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass

Karl Taylor is based in the UK. He has done an amazing job of putting together quality photography training. Karl Taylor offers photography training via DVD with worldwide shipping for Beginner, Advanced and Professional Photographers.  You can get several FREE online videos via email by simply providing your name and email address on this page of Karl's website.

Be sure to visit: The YouTube Channel for Karl Taylor

Glyn Dewis Photographer, Retoucher, Trainer

Glyn DewisGlyn Dewis is based out of the UK.  I am expecting Glyn to comment on this post once I let him know about it.  You see, my connection with Glyn shows how the power of the internet works.

I watched Glyn's interview on Kelby Training and I highly recommend that you watch it as well once you sign up for Kelby Training.  After watching his interview which was the first time that I had ever heard of Glyn Dewis, I pinged him on Twitter, got a reply, then took that over to Facebook which Glyn and I have communicated on fairly regular since then.  Glyn even LIKED my Facebook page.

Now that my story with Glyn is out of the way, it's time to talk more specifically about Glyn Dewis:  Based on what I remember from the interview, Glyn was doing retouching for other photographer's who often asked him to work miracles on not so good photography.  Glyn decided to buy a camera and start doing photography himself.  Fast forward several years later and there you have it: Glyn Dewis Photographer, Retoucher, Trainer.

Speaking of Training, you should visit Glyn's YouTube Channel.  Glyn conducts workshops in the UK and he has an online store on his website with some of his downloadable paid products.

Live Photography Workshops Around Raleigh NC Including Live One-to-One Photography Training

Now's as good a time as any to put a quick plug in for my own photography training services.  I do teach live workshops as well as offer one-to-one photography training around the Raleigh NC area.  Travel is no problem either should you be interested in hosting a workshop in your city.  Be sure to visit my workshop page to learn more about the photography workshops that are offered or to contact me for one-to-one photography training.

Sometime in 2014, I hope to have several videos available including both FREE and paid versions.  Please be sure to join my list at the bottom of the workshops page to stay updated.


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