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6 Social Platforms Photographers Should Be Active On: But Be Consistent

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There are so many social platforms that photographers can be active on these days that my list of 6 are by no means the end all cure all. The 6 that I am covering briefly in this post are simply 6 to get started with and decide over time which ones are best for you.

Consistency on one or two platforms, in my opinion, is better than doing a poor job on 6 or more platforms. Consistency is key. Don't start 6 platforms that you do well for a week and then skip posting on for months. But my guess is that at least one of them (FACEBOOK) will likely get posted on consistently.

Facebook - I have had more success with my personal Facebook page than my business Facebook page. With all the changes Facebook continues to make, it's hard for a Facebook business page to get any traction without either paying for the exposure or having enough likes (thousands) that your posts actually get seen. On my personal page, I just toss in samples of my work with my regular posts. It's not about saying look at my latest special... CALL NOW. That's not the way social media should work on your personal page.

Twitter - I have been able to get BIG BRANDS to comment, re-tweet and favorite my tweets on Twitter which seems to be the easiest social platform to get in front of that audience. Twitter can be a little more challenging if you are not familiar with using it. But it definitely serves a purpose especially in getting in front of BIG BRANDS.

LinkedIn - You should have a profile on LinkedIn and as a professional photographer, you should be using a professional headshot or at least one that is very creative that doesn't dilute your brand. LinkedIn makes it easy to share updates quickly. You can take LinkedIn to another level by publishing content similar to a blog post. This takes more commitment than just a quick update, so you may want to start out with regular short updates, but you should try writing at least one piece of content as soon as you can.

Instagram - The downside is that Instagram is primarily a mobile app. There are some things that you can do on a desktop, but all of your posts will have to be done on a mobile device. That means that you may have to find a more creative way to post your professional work to Instagram like emailing yourself an image and downloading it to your phone. Instagram is very much image driven and a great social platform.

Pinterest - One key thing to remember about Pinterest is that most of the users on Pinterest are WOMEN. I made that in ALL CAPS because you'll really want to remember that. Pinterest, like Instagram, is very much photo driven, but Pinterest is not all about your personal images. Brenda, my wife, typically uses Pinterest for recipes, gardening, craft ideas and things around the home. Our two daughters, in their 20's, look at a lot of clothing options in addition to other things that interest them. Pinterest is about pinning your interest. In the case of Pinterest, you may want to pin more of what is interesting to women.

Google Plus - OK, it might be the red headed step child of social media, but communities on Google Plus are a great place to post your images. For example, I'm a member of an animal community and I get a lot of plus ones of images that I have taken of our Golden Retriever "Tucker." So find a community or two that you can post some of your images both personal and professional. Also, while you are at it, you might as well post to the personal side of Google Plus. It may not have the traction of some social platforms, but if you are posting in a community, you might as well post something on your personal feed.

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