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Acting And Modeling Headshot Photography Is Different Than Business Headshots

Acting and Modeling Headshot vs. Business Headshot

The shot on the left was taken for acting and the one of the right was taken for business.

I shot the images above in my North Raleigh Studio using a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 USM II Lens.

The one on the left is for an acting portfolio and the one on the right is for business use. They serve two different purposes which is why my approach to lighting and cropping are different for the two different scenarios.

Lighting The Acting/Modeling Headshot:

I used a 27 inch beauty dish just out of view of the camera lens in the center of the subject as the main light source with a silver reflector below the models face. I had the camera set up on a tripod and shot between the beauty dish and reflector. In addition, I lit up the white background to make sure the background came out white not gray. I also shot the image tighter than I did the business headshot. After post editing, I decided to go with an even tighter crop slightly off centered. The acting/modeling headshot is also straight on which is often a little easier to get by with than an executive in a coat and tie.

Lighting The Business Headshot:

I used a dark gray background with a back light on it to help create a different look. I had a 24 x 24 softbox off to the subjects right to add a little hint of light on the side of his face. In addition, I used a reflector on the subjects right to help bounce light back on the face from the main light that was to the subjects left. The main light was a 31 inch octabox. I had more of the subject in the shot and centered everything up well. This particular business shot is more of a classic studio look. Like the acting/modeling headshot, the business headshot serves a completely different purpose.

For a wide variety of headshots, check out the main headshots page and for headshots that are more acting/modeling style be sure to check out the acting/modeling headshot page.

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