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Are You A Lazy, Complaining, Whiny Photographer That Won’t Make It Past 2016?

Based on the video further down this post, I am not the only one that thinks there are some lazy, complaining, whiny photographers out there. Whether you like his style or not, Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto said it right in this short video. I added the word whiny into the mix because I think that's appropriate when talking about lazy and complaining.

If this post and this video bothers you, then I'd say it is a good sign that it may apply to you. That leaves you with two choices: One - Get angry at me to posting it. Two - Stop being the photographer that is referenced in this post and the video. It's a NEW YEAR. Make It Happen! Don't continue to be this photographer.

Without actually telling you the reasons that are listed in the video, I'll simple write something of my own by each reason. If you want to know exactly what he is referencing. It's simple: Watch The Video!

Reason 1: This will get you no where. Being this photographer will not only cause others not to want to be around you, but it will not make you look good in front of clients. You have to STOP DOING this and Make It Happen! I guarantee you that any photographer out there that is consistently busy does not have this problem.

Reason 2: You need to keep up with the trends and not get left behind. Embrace today's current technology as well as staying up to date on what's coming out. If you don't change, then you may become like the dinosaurs.

Reason 3: This is a poor excused but so many photographers seem to like using it. Even one of the photographers that commented on the video went down this path and just seemed to throw his hands up. You can either excel above others, go find the business even if it's not in your backyard or just continue whining about this. If you're going to continue to whine, please find another profession.

Reason 4:  Many photographers are not even using this much at all and like Jared says, others push discounts, etc. Sure I use this to post my work and what I 'm up to, but I try not to mention hire me, this is on sale today only and just outright selling, selling, selling.

Reason 5: This is an easy fix: Learn online, be inspired by other photographers, ask for constructive criticism, practice, practice, practice, keep honing your skills and be honest about your own work. As Jared mentions in the video, you can actually stay busy if this is you, but you have to have good business and marketing skills in order to overcome the lack of photography skills.

5 Reasons WHY You Won't Make It As A Photographer

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