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I have photographed a lot of artwork. This page is an art collection that I was fortunate to photograph. By photographing the original piece of art, the artwork can be sold in various size prints. Click on an image and start scrolling the complete collection or click at random.

Artwork Photography Pricing: 
A general range at our North Raleigh Studio is $75 to $100 for one piece or $50 each based on 5 pieces minimum ( $250 ). If you have 20, 50 or 100+ pieces, let's talk and see if volume pricing will work pending the dynamics involved. The price includes a 300 DPI hi-resolution JPG with lifetime usage rights to resell or use as you'd like and a 72 DPI l0w-resolution for online use. We do slight color and exposure adjustments in post, but it's not a lot of time in post just minor adjusting. We will need to talk to come up with final pricing because what's listed here is just a general range to give you an idea.  If this general pricing could work for you, please contact us. 

I love photographing art. It's a great way for an artist to resell prints of their art or for an art collector to preserve his or her investment in digital format. We (my wife and I) were hired to photograph this collection of nearly 80 pieces of art after the client attempted to do so with a phone and try to have it printed in a catalog. Phones are great, but they still cannot surpass the experience of a seasoned professional photographer that owns and uses professional gear on a full time basis. Whether you are an artist and/or collector of art and whether you bring the art to our studio or we come to you, we can help capture the beauty of your art in a digital file format.