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Recent Posts by David Williams

Commercial Photography: “I Love Being A Commercial Photographer”

My personality is a better fit for commercial photography than it is consumer photography. I like working with businesses (small, medium and large) as well as business professionals who will use the images that I create for commercial use often times in both print and on the web. It's true that as a commercial photographer…
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Ripl – A Great App To Share Your Photography Images On Social Media

2 Commercial Photography Images From A Downtown Raleigh Photoshoot... The animation above was created on my iPhone using Ripl. It appears the app is currently only available for iPhone users. Although there is a FREE version of the app, I decided to do the $59 per year PRO version to get all the features. It's also…
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5 Tips For Better Photography – What’s Your Favorite Tip?

I created the short animation slideshow above on my phone using the Ripl app and uploaded it to YouTube from my phone. I thought that a blog post expanding on each of the 5 tips may serve as a helpful resource. The tips are in no particular order of importance. Tip 1 - Learn To…
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Marketing Your Photography Or Video Business Can Be Challenging

It would be nice if a magic bullet existed for marketing your photography or video business. On the other hand, maybe you have found something that is working well for you. But keep in mind that what is working today may not work tomorrow: I definitely wouldn't rely on one single resource for long term,…
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Pro Photography Tip: Understand Light – Rise Above The Clutter!

Before I dive in, you may think the lighting setup above (stock photo) would cost you thousands of dollars. Although it could with a brand like Profoto which I love, it is possible to get 4 good light stands, 4 strobe heads, 4 triggers (to fire the strobes) and 4 modifiers (soft boxes and strip…
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My Take On Avoidable Challenges In Professional Photography

This is my take on some of the things that Skip Cohen wrote in 14 Avoidable Challenges in Professional Photography. I've pulled out 11 ( bundled two of them ) of the 14 points from the blog post that I noted at the top of this blog post. I'm going to write my own words…
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