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The man on gray was taken offsite at a company and the other 5 images were shot at our studio.


Although we have a studio in North Raleigh in a business district, we also make it very convenient for companies by having a team of professional photographers that are available to go on site and provide studio quality headshots in office or an alternate location. This not only saves time, but it saves money based on volume discounts vs. one individual coming to our studio.

Each person photographed will have several images taken and be able to view them on site to make sure they are pleased. We typically include one basic retouched image that goes through a 20 to 30 minute post shoot editing process for things like stray hairs, face and necklines, color enhancements and more. Once post editing is complete, we deliver each file in both 300 DPI and 72 DPI format with lifetime usage rights.

There are several advantages to using DWPPC for company headshots beyond what is mentioned above. We always show up with one photographer and one assistant minimum, we are experienced at providing studio style shots and/or environmental style shots and we lock in the per person rate for a minimum of 1 year after the shoot for any additional staff needs to visit our North Raleigh Studio one off. We can even photograph a background on site and use it later by creating a composite: Click to view individual studio pricing.


The number one thing we hear from individuals needing a professional headshot is 'I need to update my LinkedIn profile.' That's great because LinkedIn is a professional business platform and a professional headshot is important. However, there are many other reasons people need a professional headshot including a company website, being featured in a magazine, a press release, business cards and more. So although LinkedIn is important, it is by no means the only reason to get a professional headshot.

Although we can go on location for one person, most individuals choose to come to our North Raleigh Studio which is located in a business district not in a garage. In studio sessions allow us to offer a lot of variety in a short amount of time because no one really wants to stay in front of a camera any longer than they have to. We even offer optional image consulting with either Ashley or Deidre. A professional headshot is one of the most affordable investments you can make into your career.

All 6 of these images were taken at our studio, but we can do inside and/or outside offsite as well.

This images was shot on site at an accounting firm that wanted to go beyond just a headshot.

Classic & Creative - Why Not Have Both?

Whether you are an individual needing headshots for just yourself or a company needing headshots for employee's, headshots do not always have to be just the basics. Would it be helpful to have something other than a classic business headshot?

In the image on the left, you will notice a small classic style headshot in the upper left corner and a larger more creative one in a different outfit with the lady holding shopping bags. This shot was part of a headshot shoot for a large accounting firm that wanted a more traditional headshot and a headshot of the employee showing another side of themselves.

What do employee's do outside of work? That was the premise behind this photoshoot. The company wanted to show hobbies that their employee's enjoyed. Our team photographed people with dogs, sporting apparel (like favorite team), golf clubs, running medals and much more. The employee's really enjoyed the creative images.

Remember this shoot was for an accounting firm, so that leaves a lot of room for other professionals to think of how to be creative and still be professional. If you only want a classic business headshot, we can provide exactly what you need. However, if you want to be creative, we can also help create something different.


Business headshots are nice, but a business style headshot does not fit every headshot need. There may even be situations when an edgy headshot is needed in business. Edgy simply means different. A headshot can be different and still be very elegant and professional. We can provide headshots in our studio or on location that are not simply a traditional business style. Please keep in mind that these sessions will likely not fall under our standard headshot pricing. 

Acting and modeling sessions need to be discussed and custom quoted since they do not fall under standard, head and shoulder style headshot sessions. You can also view some of David's more creative work, like you see pictured in the collage, by visiting this page. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Creative sessions that are often needed for acting or modeling portfolios or advertising needs require a different approach than the standard business headshot. However, we can add a creative twist to a more traditional headshot session. Let's talk about the possibilities. 

Typically, edgy, acting, modeling and other more creative style headshots are be part of an extended session with multiple outfits and literally hundreds of images taken during the session. For this style of session, it is recommended (not required) that the client hire either Ashley or Deidre ( see more below ).

Images were shot on gray. They include additional editing and the background added in post.

Fedora Headshot In North Raleigh Studio

This image was shot in our studio and the dynamic look was created in post.

Dynamic HIGH-END Headshot Portraits

The image of the lady wearing the Fedora is part of David Williams Creates which is David's higher end creative photography. 

The lighting and the camera were both placed  really close to the subject. So close that it might be considered uncomfortable to some subjects, but it's all part of the creative process that goes into an image like this.

The image was originally shot on gray and placed on the digital background pictured and it includes more than the basic editing of a standard headshot.

A session like this requires some conversation about strategy and the end goal. For example, David photographed an author who saw this fedora image, but the author had something a little different in mind. Scroll to see the author image. 

If you are looking for a dynamic headshot like this fedora shot, it does not fall under our standard headshot pricing and can be custom quoted.

The author was inspired by the fedora shot above, but she went with an alley way background added in post to align with her book.

Look Great. Feel Great.

Ashley - Our Primary Makeup Artist - 18+ Years of Experience

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our image is our introduction to the world so it’s important that you feel good about how you look. Professional Makeup Artist Ashley Bromirski understands that having the right makeup and overall image can make all the difference in the way you feel and the way you photograph.

Why Makeup is Important for your Headshot…

Your headshot image should create a positive reaction and/or a feeling of connection or engagement from the viewer. Anything that distracts can significantly reduce the impact of the shot. Proper clothing selection, jewelry, hair and makeup should be positive attributes to your overall image. There’s a true art to knowing the best color, product or technique to highlight a client’s best qualities while still maintaining their lifestyle and personalities. Whether you wear makeup regularly or not – a skilled, trained makeup artist like Ashley knows how to apply camera-ready makeup while still maintaining a natural and professional result.

Deidre - Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Hair & Makeup:

Deidre is a licensed cosmetologist from Aveda Institute, with over 7 years of experience in the hair and makeup Industry. She has an eye for the small details that can add to any editorial, headshot, commercial or film shoot. Working with clients to achieve their desired look from start to finish is where her experience shows. Having a professional by your side during your session adds ease and comfort, knowing you'll look and feel your absolute best!





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