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Canon 5Ds and 5Dsr or Canon 5D Mark IV – I’m Waiting On The Mark IV And You?

2015 Road Canon 5Ds 5Dsr 5D Mark IV

The Canon 5Ds, 5Dsr & 5D Mark IV Are Just 3 Of The Canon Releases In 2015 - I Have My Eyes On The Mark IV

The Canon 5Ds and 5Dsr will be on pre-order soon for $3,699 (body only) and $3,899 (body only) respectively. However, these cameras seem to be more about the 50.6 megapixels than anything else that I've discovered through some YouTube videos and other online research. If you want to do your own research, just search Canon 5Ds and 5Dsr to find articles and YouTube videos.

Anytime a new camera is released, you should really ask yourself is it the right camera for what you shoot on a regular basis and does it make sense to upgrade from your current system. It's better to make an informed decision: Want vs. Need.

I am currently shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III and love that camera. Most of what I shoot is for individual and companies that is more often used online than in print. However, I have shot stuff for print media and have never had any complaints. On the other hand, if I shot billboard work on a regular basis, the 50.6 MP may be the right move for me. I also shoot a lot of low light corporate events which based on what I've found, the 5Ds and 5Dsr are not really geared for that, but the Canon 5D Mark IV seems to be more of the upgrade that I'm looking for. One key feature that I need is low light performance.

According so The New Camera, Canon Rumors and Northlight, Canon is also releasing the Canon 5D Mark IV which will be later in the year around August or so. The Canon 5D Mark IV appears to be the more logical upgrade for my shooting needs with better low light performance than the 5D Mark III and possible 4K video all in a camera body that may be below $4,000 based on my hand full of findings this early in 2015 (February). It is also supposed to have increased megapixels vs. the 5D Mark III which is appealing as well.

For me personally, I will not be upgrading to the 5Ds or 5Dsr anytime soon, but I will keep watching for more details on the Canon 5D Mark IV. For you, just do your research and make the best decision for your shooting needs.

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