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Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder – Coming June 2015

I enjoy shooting video with my Canon 5D Mark III. However, I don't like the restrictions of manual focus, the limited recording length of just under 30 minutes before it starts another file, the way the camera gets hot after long use and the problem with rolling shutter that comes with the use of DSLR cameras. Don't get me wrong the 5D Mark III is great for video, but sometimes a regular camcorder is either necessary or may be just a better overall option. Enter the Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder. Yes, 4K.

The Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder is set to go on sale in June for $2,499 which considering all it offers is a reasonable price for everything it offers.

Here's a list of simple highlights for the Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder without getting to techy:

Weight: 2.3 pounds with Battery and Cards
LCD Monitor: 3.0 Inch & Detachable Viewfinder Included
Recording: 4K at 3840 x 2160, 2K at 2048 x 1080 and HD at 1920 x 1080 (and a few others)
Focal Lengh: Fixed Lens of 10X (8.9 to 89mm) which is 27.3 to 273mm in video for those that know regular focal lengths
F/Stop: f/2.8 when shooting wide and stops down to f/5.6 at full telephoto
ISO Range: 160 to 20,000 ISO
Battery: LPE-6N (used for numerous Canon DSLR models)
Cards: (1) C Fast 2.0 and (1) SD Card
Wi-Fi: Provided
Sensor: 1" (This is likely the deal breaker for me.)
Accessory Hotshoe: Accepts Canon Speedlites
Other: Rotating Grip

If you want to see a lot of specifications, then visit this page of Canon USA.

The Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder looks different than the classic camcorder as you can see by the image above. Here's a 3 minute video on YouTube to give you some more insight:

There are several web links below from various sites that will help you learn more about the Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder:

Canon USA Overview Page

Canon News Release,2817,2481174,00.asp

Sensor Sizes:

Sensor Sizes

Sensor Sizes Chart from - View Article Here

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