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Back To Blogging In 2022

I ( David ) have taken a long break from blogging. I plan to get back to blogging in 2022 by writing, posting images, posting updates, sharing videos and more. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for more to come!
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Blogged Out: Lessons Learned From 134 Blog Posts In A Row

I posted 134 blog posts in a row to start out 2016 and have found it hard to even write one blog post a week recently in June and July. I think that it's a combination of things: burnout, Summer and motivation quickly come to mind. I am all for blogging and social media. But…
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Blogging Takes Commitment And Falling Behind Is So Easy

So this will be a different post than most. I usually focus on photography, video or some kind of business advice that will help photographers. Well, actually this post will help photographers or anyone that tries to blog on a regular basis. At one point earlier this year, I was 3 weeks ahead on blogging.…
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