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Commercial Product Photographer In Raleigh NC – David Williams

It's amazing how many small business owner's try to use a phone for photographing their products and wonder why the results are not very good. At minimum, anyone attempting to do their own product photography should use a regular digital camera in most cases, but at the end of the day, it's usually the LIGHTING…
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Commercial And Consumer Photography – What’s The Difference?

The image to the left could be a Consumer image or a Commercial image. It really depends on the intended use. This young lady could have been photographed for her to share the image with family and friends or she could have been photographed for a brochure, a magazine article, etc. The point is that…
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Commercial Photography By UK Photographer Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor, a commercial photographer, is located in the UK. He not only does great commercial photography as you see below, but Karl offers some amazing Free and Paid photography courses. Commercial photography often varies a lot depending on the client need. For example, sometimes it may be more individual focused, other times it may…
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Commercial Photography Images In Raleigh & RTP: Inside and Outside

The image to the right was taken in downtown Raleigh outside the Wake County Courthouse during a commercial photoshoot that also included video work. It was a commercial photography shoot for a law firm to use on their website. The three people pictured are the three that work in the firm. As you know, you…
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