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How To Shoot A Poorly Lit Stage At A Corporate Event?

I love photographing corporate events. Believe it or not, one of my key motivators is overcoming obstacles that come my way. In the example below, I scoped out the stage in advance and the room lights were on full power, but there was no stage lighting. When I returned later, the room lights were turned…
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7 Tips For Photographing Events: Corporate or Consumer

I absolutely love shooting corporate events and working with companies of all sizes from small business to multi-billion dollar international companies. In this post, I'll share a few tips that may help you with your own event photography whether family, consumer or corporate. The image that you see to the right was shot in Pinehurst,…
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Corporate Event Photography in Raleigh NC – Choosing The Right Photographer

  Hosting a special corporate party event? Planning a huge community fundraiser?  You should consider hiring a professional event photographer to assist you!  Capturing these special moments at your big event will allow you and your guests to remember your big event for years to come.  These images will also be a wonderful keepsake for…
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