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Photographers: Your Target Market, Perceived Value And Client Budget

Are you focused on the value of your photography or the price of your photography? Are you targeting $100 clients or $1,000 clients? I'll explore these two questions and more below that will hopefully provide some insight that will make a difference in your photography business. If you are targeting the $100, burn all the images…
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Does Your LinkedIn Business Profile Headshot Resemble The Real You?

OK The Image Is Overkill - But It Gets Your Attention! LinkedIn is one of  the most important business platforms on the internet and you should be using a truly professional headshot. Your headshot is likely the first thing that anyone viewing your profile will notice on LinkedIn. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions. Does…
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Photography Social Round Up From Last Week: The Week of April 21st

Below are some of the photography stories that David Williams highlighted on his Social Media Channels for the week of Monday, April 21st.  David calls this the “Photography Social Round Up.” BTS: Clark Little Shares His Passion for the Ocean and Shorebreak Photography: Sony Unveils 12.2MP, Full-Frame A7S Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera with 4K Video: Photography Workshops & Training…
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Photography – Luck, Skill, Timing – Sometimes, It’s All Three

As a professional photographer, it's nice to have skill because much of my paid work is based on years of experience and obtaining skills over those years. However, in some shots, like the one to the right, luck and timing should be heavily factored in. My wife and I were walking around the marina while…
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