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Professional Lighting And Retouching Will Make Your Headshot POP!

It's interesting how many headshot clients are blown away in studio when they see the initial un-retouched images as I'm shooting. I believe that is because of 3 key things: 1) We are a cellphone camera society. Although cellphones often look great outside, inside images are usually not all that professional looking. 2) Professional Studio…
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Professional Headshot Photographer – Our Cary NC Location

All of the headshot images above were taken at our new Cary location which is located at 160 NE Maynard Road Suite 205. You can see more of our work by visiting our home page. Our North Raleigh studio off of Six Forks Road is our primary location, but there are things about the Cary…
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Is Paid Search Marketing The Answer For Your Photography Business?

Paid search is not a cure all to getting your photography business to the next level. Yes, it can lead to more business, but if your price point for your services is low, it can also be a low ROI (return on investment). Just because you see another photographer doing paid search marketing doesn't mean…
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Classic, Traditional Business Headshots For LinkedIn – Raleigh Studio

Yes, I can do edgy, creative, different, unique and something other than the classic more traditional style headshot. However, there are still countless business professionals looking for a headshot like you see on the left. The traditional style headshot has stood the test of time and will still be around for years to come. I…
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