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Category Archives: Marketing Tips for Photographers

Share Your Photography With Affordable Facebook Business Page Ads

In case you haven't figured it out yet, you are virtually wasting your time posting on your Facebook business page unless you are fortunate enough to have thousands of follows. But even with thousands of followers, your business page is still only seen by a small amount of people. Like it or not, Facebook advertising…
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IMHO Some Photographers Just Don’t Get Basic Marketing

I found this SlideShare when I was searching Google for "Marketing 101." It doesn't have all the answers, but I thought it might spark some ideas for you. Basic Marketing 101 from Marketing Impressions IMHO stands for "In My Humble Opinion" just in case you are wondering about it in the header. That's my way…
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10 Best Commercial Photographers in Raleigh, NC – It’s Not Accurate!

The title of this blog post is the classic title in Google for not only commercial photographers but headshot photographers, wedding photographers and more. Just because it says "10 Best Commercial Photographers in Raleigh, NC" does not mean that it is true. It's really a marketing tactic that at the end of the day…
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3 Free Things Any Photographer Can Do Today To Improve Brand Awareness

Whether you are a new photographer trying to build a brand or an established photographer with a brand, the 3 things that I will discuss briefly in this post can help you build your brand awareness. Although they are free from the financial standpoint, they do involve a time commitment. As the saying goes, time…
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