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50 Portraits By Gregory Heisler: Who Inspires You As A Photographer?

50 Portraits by Gregory Heisler is definitely a book for serious photographers. It has 50 full page portraits in it and a lot of text. Gregory talks about each image from an overview perspective and he ends with "Thoughts on Technique." If you'll notice that the title of this post also says, "Who Inspires You…
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The Best Photographer In Raleigh NC

Who is the best photographer in Raleigh NC? If I was bold enough to YELL... DAVID WILLIAMS is the best photographer in Raleigh NC, you'd likely leave the page right now since you are on my website reading this. However, I AM NOT the best "Photographer" generically speaking in the Raleigh market. No photographer can…
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Two Mistakes About Pricing Photographers Don’t Want To Make

Mistake #1: Being The Cheapest or Allowing Price Be Their KEY Selling Point Headline Read: Cheap Professional Photographer ... Yes, I actually saw this online. Even worse, another photographer posted that he can do something like 20 types of photography all for only $75 FLAT RATE and that photographers charging $100 an hour made him sick.…
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