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Category Archives: Photography Business

2016 Is Winding Down – Thinking Ahead To 2017

This will not be a doom and gloom post, but I did want to start out as a reminder that none of us are promised tomorrow. I am reminded of that with my wife's cousin who is several years younger than I am who is not expected to make it through 2017 due to a…
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My Take On Avoidable Challenges In Professional Photography

This is my take on some of the things that Skip Cohen wrote in 14 Avoidable Challenges in Professional Photography. I've pulled out 11 ( bundled two of them ) of the 14 points from the blog post that I noted at the top of this blog post. I'm going to write my own words…
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Does The Perceived Success Of Other Photographers Bother You?

Are you motivated by the success of other photographers or do you get jealous and some little voice in you wants to see them fail flat on their face? Just because some photographers may seem like money magnets because they stay busy doesn't mean that you cannot achieve financial success in photography as well. If…
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