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Marketing Your Photography Or Video Business Can Be Challenging

It would be nice if a magic bullet existed for marketing your photography or video business. On the other hand, maybe you have found something that is working well for you. But keep in mind that what is working today may not work tomorrow: I definitely wouldn't rely on one single resource for long term,…
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Marketing Diagram For Photographers – From Exposure To Advocate

Step 1: Create Never Ending, Non-Stop Content: Website, Portfolio, Blog, Social Media and More! Step 2: Follow The Flow Of The Diagram: Exposure - Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Blogging & More Engagement - Respond to website comments and inquiries, online reviews, social media comments, likes and shares Influence - If people get to know you,…
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What One Thing Can You Do To Propel Your Photography Business?

Now that I have your attention with the headline, I'll give you the answer to the question: There is NO ONE THING that you can do to propel your photography business. Sure, some photographers have hit it big with Instagram or other social media or landed large clients through things like direct mail. However, unless…
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How Much Are Your Photography Services Worth?

If you are a self-employed photographer, you get to determine the size of your check (to a point). So what's the value of your services? Peter Hurley in Manhattan consistently gets $1,200 for a headshot. That's more than he could command in a small town in Eastern North Carolina. However, I'm sure that there are…
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The Best Way To Make Money At Photography Is To Do This

There is a saying that the best way to make money at photography is to sell your gear. My take on that is that photography, like any real business, is not easy. If you want to make it as a photographer, don't give up on your dream. If what you are doing is not working,…
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Action Is A Critical Factor To Any Photographers Business Success

I know a lot of photographers but 3 in particular come to mind as an inspiration for this post. All 3 have the same common trait: ACTION! Taking consistent everyday actions is critical to anything in life. Success in photography is no different. Therefore you must be taking action to make things happen. If you are…
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