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How Much Are Your Photography Services Worth?

If you are a self-employed photographer, you get to determine the size of your check (to a point). So what's the value of your services? Peter Hurley in Manhattan consistently gets $1,200 for a headshot. That's more than he could command in a small town in Eastern North Carolina. However, I'm sure that there are…
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How Much Should Photographers Charge? (PetaPixel Article Thoughts)

An article was recently published on PetaPixel about what photographers should charge. The article has received a lot of negative feedback on Facebook which is typical of social media. It has also received a lot of interesting feedback on the actual article link that you can find here. Pricing is one of the most controversial…
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As A Photographer, Do You Stick To Your Profit Pricing Model?

New photographers are usually absolutely terrible at setting pricing for their services. Part of that comes from lack of confidence in their photography and part of that comes from simply thinking that being the low price leader will get them lots of business. Neither of these will help create a sustainable full time business that…
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