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The Magic of One Light with Joel Grimes

I'm a Joel Grimes fan. By posting this on my blog, it is as much for me as it is you because I want to watch it in it's entirety. I have it playing now, but with it being 1 hour and 43 minutes long, I don't have the time to finish it.
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5 Tips For Better Photography – What’s Your Favorite Tip?

I created the short animation slideshow above on my phone using the Ripl app and uploaded it to YouTube from my phone. I thought that a blog post expanding on each of the 5 tips may serve as a helpful resource. The tips are in no particular order of importance. Tip 1 - Learn To…
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50 Portraits By Gregory Heisler: Who Inspires You As A Photographer?

50 Portraits by Gregory Heisler is definitely a book for serious photographers. It has 50 full page portraits in it and a lot of text. Gregory talks about each image from an overview perspective and he ends with "Thoughts on Technique." If you'll notice that the title of this post also says, "Who Inspires You…
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How Much Are Your Photography Services Worth?

If you are a self-employed photographer, you get to determine the size of your check (to a point). So what's the value of your services? Peter Hurley in Manhattan consistently gets $1,200 for a headshot. That's more than he could command in a small town in Eastern North Carolina. However, I'm sure that there are…
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