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Category Archives: Photography Tips

Photographers Who Are Self Confident Do Better Than Those With Self Doubt

It's easy as a photographer to have self doubt especially when comparing your work and rates to other photographers who appear to be very succesful. However, self confidence comes from self motivation. That's right! You have to kick yourself in the butt and hold your head high because self confidence will get you further than…
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Are You A Subscriber Of Professional Photographer Magazine?

Although today is February 1st, the image on the left is the January 2016 cover of Professional Photographer Magazine. If you are a professional photographer or hope to be in the future, this is one magazine that you should subscribe to. It is pack with great information including business advice and tips. Professional Photographer Magazine…
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Photography Gear Week Day 3 of 4: Profoto B2 One Head Kit And MOGOPOD

UNEDITED Image Shot By John - Profoto B2 One Head Kit And MOGOPOD At over $2,000 for the setup above plus a $400 hotshoe trigger (not pictured), the setup above may not be practical. However, as a full time professional that regularly shoots on location and regular uses at least one assistant, the setup pictured…
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How Do You Handle “NO” In Your Photography Business?

Bottom line, you will hear "NO" or some variation of it on a regular basis in both your career and personal life. It's what you do the "NO" that truly makes the difference. 302 Times Walt Disney was turned down, rejected, told "NO" in essence by 302 bankers before he was able to find someone…
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