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Photography Video Blog: Behind The Lens With Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes is one of my favorite photographers not only because of his work but also because of his many online videos as well as his down to earth approach. Two of my absolute favorite things that I have heard Joel same numerous times on video are something along these lines ... 1) Not everyone will like your…
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Tips For Better Outdoor Portrait Photography

I shoot portraits and head shots in a number of different settings. Sometimes, outdoor portraits bring out a side of people’s personalities that you don’t get to see in a studio. Lighting can be tricky when you’re shooting outdoors, especially depending on the time of day and the weather. Here are a few tips that…
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3 Advantages of Capturing RAW Images

When I go out on client shoots, I take images in the RAW format instead of just capturing to JPEG format. The RAW image format takes up a lot of disk space, but it’s worthwhile because you have a greater ability to edit images after the fact. Images are Uncompressed Many lower-end digital cameras only…
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Photography Workshops & Training with David Williams in Raleigh NC

We are now offering a variety of photography workshops at our new studio in North Raleigh.  If you are interested in further developing your skills as a professional photographer, or learning more about photography for a personal hobby, we can help you!  We have worked with a number of local photographers who are business owners…
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