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Photography Spotlight: Leslie Flowers

Leslie Flowers is a well known authority and teacher of the ancient business principles and laws of success, with a special focus on Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Leslie is a great client who has always been easy to work with. She is also obviously out to make a difference in the world…
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Leading Lines in Photography – Study the Subject to Create Something Different

There’s an important aspect of photographic composition that advertising firms have known (and taken advantage of) for a long time: the concept of “leading lines.” When human beings look at visual images, their eyes tend to follow straight lines. Web sites are designed around this principle. Usability studies have found that a web viewer’s eye…
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Feeling at Ease in Front of the Camera with your Professional Photographer

Concerned about being in the spotlight and having a personal session in front of the camera? Don't be! One of the key elements to getting optimal results from your professional portrait session is simply feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Your professional photographer will play a big role in this. It is essential that…
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Using Unique Angles to Create Perspective in Photography

Photography is an art—it’s all about looking for subtle things that you can do to show a scene in a way that forces the viewer to see it differently. One of the cool things you can do to add some creativity to your photography: experiment with unusual angles or camera placement. Composition is one place…
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Preparing For Your Professional Portrait Session

Preparing for your big portrait session is an exciting experience.  But let's be honest, sometimes it may be a little nerve racking if you are not used to engaging in a professional photo shoot every day!  Here are some tips that will help you better prepare for your photo shoot with a professional photographer. One…
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