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Is Twitter Part Of Your Social Media Mix?

Can I pinpoint a single direct sale to Twitter? NO! Do I still find value in Twitter? Yes! The tweet above from Canon USA Imaging is just one of several times that I have been able to get in front of brands like Canon. Even if I cannot pinpoint a single sale to Twitter, I…
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How Should Photographers Use Social Media For Maximum Impact?

On Social Media, I have been guilty a few times of doing one or some of the following: "Call Me" - "Limited Time Offer" or something that is more promotional. But I have not done it much and I have not done it recently. Why? Because on Social Media, you get better results by sharing…
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Photography Social Round Up From Last Week: The Week of April 7th

Below are some of the photography stories that David Williams highlighted on his Social Media Channels for the week of Monday, April 7th  David calls this the “Photography Social Round Up.” Marketing Monday: “The Closer” – 9 Tips To Help You Close More Photography Business https://www.rtpphotoandvideo.com/marketing-monday-the-closer-9-tips-to-help-you-close-more-photography-business/ It’s Official: The First Instagram From Space Has Been Posted http://petapixel.com/2014/04/08/its-official-the-first-instagram-from-space-has-been-posted-and-its-a-selfie/ LOCAL Spotlight: Wendy Gates…
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