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Category Archives: Training

Glyn Dewis On YouTube – Photographer, Retoucher, Trainer

Glyn Dewis is a UK based photographer, retoucher and trainer. His YouTube channel is well laid out and is the focus of this blog post. Most of Glyn's YouTube channel is focused on Photoshop Tutorials like the one you see below: However, Glyn does include a few other types of videos like this review below:…
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NOW LIVE!!! The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 3-Hour Video Guide To Flash Photography

Looking for a Professional Photographer? Click Visit My Home Page NOTE: The link below to the guide is NOT an affiliate link: The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 3-Hour Video Guide To Flash Photography I ran into Jared Polin of  FroKnowsPhoto.com at Allen's Camera in the Philadelphia area over the Summer when I was visiting the area.  That's where…
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Karl Taylor – Inspirational Photography Training

Karl Taylor puts out some nice photography training. You can access his FREE Micro Course by entering your name and email on this page. You can find additional videos on YouTube. You may also visit his website for DVD training. This post is NOT sponsored and there are no affiliate links associated with it. I…
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