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Commercial Office Photography In The Raleigh-Durham Area Beats Stock Photos

Professional Female In Office 2

Law Firm Commercial Photoshoot In Durham NC

One of my favorite types of photography is shooting images in office environments around the Raleigh-Durham area. The image above was shot at a law firm in Durham. You can see lots more of my around the office images that were shot in and around the Raleigh area on the around the office page.

It's true that stock images are cheap and professional looking, but there are two core problems with stock images: 1) They often look too canned and polished in my opinion. 2) They are NOT the actual people working in the office that clients will meet.

When someone visits the law firm that the attorney above works for, the individual can actually meet the person that they may have seen when looking at the website. Many of the commercial office images that I take are not just traditional headshots but are of real staff doing something in their office like the shot above. The overall brand is reinforced better when using the actual team vs. buying stock images. Stock images should really only be place holders on a website until the company can hire a professional commercial photographer to get shots like the one above done along with some traditional headshots that the staff members can use on their LinkedIn Profile, Company Website, etc.

Don't cut corners by trying to use a consumer camera to do office shots and headshots in house or even worse, a cellphone. The shot above was taken with Canon Pro Camera using shallow depth of field and a studio strobe for lighting. An experienced commercial photographer is worth the investment (not expense) when it comes to your brand.

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David Williams

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