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When it comes to high resolution, professional commercial use image needs including large print, you'll want to hire a veteran professional photographer that truly focuses on this area of photography.

Although our commercial photography work is used on the web, our work is also used in magazines like the editorial example on the left. Our commercial photography is also used for brochures and large format printing including large trade show banners and displays, billboards, the side of trucks and more.

You may only need a nice hero image and other images for your website to get away from the classic stock image look which we can also provide. Our portfolio on this page does not even come close to the thousands of images we have taken. It's just a small sample of our work. We'd love to help bring your vision to life with our commercial photography services.

Some commercial photographers work completely solo. In our case, it is not uncommon for our base commercial photography crew to have a lead photographer and two assistants on a commercial photoshoot. This creates amazing efficiency which our clients love. In addition, we also usually include lifetime usage rights of all images purchased. As a general rule, there are no limited licensing agreements or restrictions on images purchased.

When comparing our commercial photography rates to others, it is important to keep in mind what you are actually paying for because price is not always equal with what's actually included from one photographer to another. With that said, we do offer an outstanding value with competitive market pricing.


The image on the right is part of a 300 foot industrial machine that we photographed inside a plant. It was photographed using multiple studio strobes with the photographer on a lift. In addition to industrial equipment, we also do commercial architectural photography including office space, other interiors and exteriors.

We do a lot of product photography for commercial use. Most of our product photography is done in our North Raleigh Studio. However, we can also do product photography on site by bringing the studio to you. With product photography, most of the magic happens in post editing. It is not uncommon for a product image to take a minimum of 1 hour of post editing to get it to a finished level that meets our standards and will be an image that our client will love. With product photography, pricing is often quoted on a per image basis, but there are other factors that go into the final quote as well.

Industrial, architectural and product photography images that are paid for are delivered in both 300DPI and 72DPI file format with lifetime usage rights.



Group shot photography is not always an easy task especially when it comes to large groups like the one on the left. The photographer looked at the surrounding area and recommended this spot to the client. We hope you'll agree that it's not your average shoulder to shoulder group shot.

One of the most common needs that companies have are what we refer to as 'around the office' shots. These images include people working at their desk, interaction with co-workers, sitting at a conference table, standing in front of a white board and more. Most of the time companies are looking to replace classic stock images with their actual office and their employee's rather than a stock model. This is an affordable way to use professional images on your company website and stop using stock photography that can likely be found on multiple other websites.

No matter what your commercial image needs are, it is truly an area that we excel in and love doing. We'd love to have a conversation with you about your commercial use image needs which all starts using the button below.