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Content Marketing For Photographers Is Time Consuming But Is It Worth It?

When I was in high school, I didn't like to read and I found it hard to write a paper that needed to be at least 500 words. Well, fast forward many years and I actually love writing content. It just seems to flow from my fingertips. However, it is time consuming to consistently write content, but is it worth it?

The two primary sources that I produce regular written content on are my blog ( and my LinkedIn page. I specifically said "written content" because I am active on social media with images and some context around the images or small amounts of content like a Tweet.

Most of my blog post links are shared on my various social media platforms which is where the "marketing" part of content marketing comes into play. However, my posts get indexed in Google and have the chance to show up in the search results.

I have said this many times and will continue to say it. NO! I don't really have time to write content. However, it's important to me and most of my content is written early in the morning before the sun comes up. So I'm committed to it.

Is Content Marketing Worth It?
For me, I believe it is. It takes my time, but it's something that I can do for FREE. Not all marketing efforts are free and although time is money, I'm usually not doing a photoshoot at 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. when I'm typically writing content. So for me, the exposure on social media, the brand building, the potential to rank in Google and a few other reasons make content marketing worth my time and I plan to continue doing it.

How Long Should Written Content Be?
This post is 419 words and many would argue that it's not long enough to make a difference. There are some that say written content should be 2,000 words minimum which I could do and I just saw something recently that said 4,500 words. Yes, 4,500 words. I'm sorry, but I don't have the kind of time it would take to read multiple 2,000 or even 4,500 word articles.

Personally, I thinking writing content that is worthy of reading and sharing on social media has value in the grand scheme of things. I have had numerous pieces of short content (if you call 400 - 500 words short) do well. I think the key is to get started with content marketing even if that is just 300 words consistently on a blog and/or LinkedIn profile which allows publishing or articles.

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David Williams

Short Bio About The Author: I'm David Williams a professional commercial photographer focusing on corporate and business clients with some personal branding, lifestyle photography in the mix. My love for photography began in late 1981 while still in High School. I started making money with his camera in 1982. Brenda, my wife, and I started working together in photography in 1988 shortly after we met. Brenda and I married in 1989 and have two adult daughters. Please be sure to get a quote for services if needed. Call or Text: 919.723.8453. Please reach out to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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