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Corporate Event Photography in Quecbec City Canada – WOW! What an Awesome Time!

Quebec City

The image above was shot in Quebec City Canada by David Williams while covering a corporate event.

My blog posts have been a little thin recently, but I have been on the go a lot as well with some very long days.

From Saturday, September 13th to Wednesday, September 17th, I had the opportunity to cover a multi-day corporate event. In this post, I'll cover some of my experiences including traveling with camera gear.

Traveling with Camera Gear

I have flown with gear numerous times but never on Express flights. I guess that I have been lucky. The client booked the flights which I am appreciative of; however, I am not accustomed to having no overhead room for the maximum size carry on which usually holds my core gear: camera bodies, lenses and speed-lights.

I flew out of RDU in Raleigh, NC to Newark, NJ on an Express flight which I was able to put my carry on camera bag with the core part of my gear in the overhead, but I was not so lucky on the connecting flight. As I was coming down the ramp getting ready to board to the flight from Newark, NJ to Quebec City, I found out that there was NO ROOM for overhead bags. My core gear had to be checked and put under the plane. Long story short, I pulled some core pieces out and put in my back pack that went on the inside with me. The return flight was similar, but I prepared better in that packed more in my heavy equipment case from SKB cases that went under the plane.

Take Away: I'll be buying a HARD SHELL carry on that when it has to be checked will not bother me like a soft shell padded case going underneath. The next corporate event for this client is in California.

Visiting and Covering An Event In Quebec City Canada

I didn't realize just how French Quecbec City really is. French is everywhere: signs and language.

It's a beautiful city near the St. Lawrence River with some amazing architecture like you see at the top and bottom of this post.

As for covering a corporate event in Quebec City, it was awesome because the event was not just at the convention center with numerous key not speakers including Canadian Government Officials, Lou Dobbs, a retired 3 star US General and others and other activities, but it also included time at the art museum ( Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec ), a St. Lawrence River Boat Tour and a theater ( Le Capitole de Québec ) just to name a few things.

Sounds like a photographers dream shoot doesn't it? Don't be fooled: I worked my butt off covering this virtually non-stop event. However, I also managed to experience some of Quebec City in the process.

Take Away: When you are paid to cover an event, do your best and get some great shots; however, take a little time to smell the roses. Oh, and I plan to go back with Brenda for some personal time in this awesome city.

Quebec City Canada

The image above was shot in Quebec City Canada by David Williams while covering a corporate event.

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