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Details: Executive Portraits And Team Group Shot Taken In The Raleigh / Durham Area

Collage of Commercial Photography of Executives In Raleigh NC

Collage of Commercial Photography Photoshoot of Executives In Raleigh NC By DWPPC

If you are with a company looking for an executive portrait photographer, I hope this overview will not bore you nor sound like a sales pitch. The goal is for it provide enough details for you to ask more questions to the photographer(s) that you are considering for your current or future project and to see that DWPPC is efficient in the way a photoshoot of business professionals is approached.

I shot the images on the right in the Raleigh area which included a team group shot and each person photographed individually. It also included the 4 executive partners photographed together which is not included in the collage on the right.

Images like these will make a huge difference on this company's website compared to poor quality attempts done internally or photography by someone who happens to own a "nice" camera. It's not the camera that yields the results. It's the experience level of the individual using the camera.

I showed up on location for this shoot with two assistants and more gear than the three of us could carry  to the second floor in one trip. That's pretty typical of how a location shoot works. It's critical to me that I yield great results and work efficiently to make sure the client has a FIVE star experience throughout the complete process.

As you can see there are 14 team members dress professionally in the group photo. The goal was to also do individual shots of each of the 14 team members as well. You can see that in what I consider the 5 executive style portraits pictured below the group shot.

In all of the shots but the one of the executive female pictured in the bottom right, I used LARGE octaboxes with studio strobes for the lighting. The only difference in the executive female portrait is that it was shot in a much smaller area with SMALL octaboxes with studio strobes.

For the group shot, I positioned everyone so that I could see their faces and made sure that the lighting was not casting shadow from the 2nd row to the 3rd row which can be a problem if the photographer is not careful. I also made sure that I had plenty of depth of field to ensure focus from the front row to the back.

The next part may be hard to believe (or maybe not in the digital age). But I shot around 1,000 images in under 4 hours. The client usually has the image proof link within 24 hours of the photoshoot. Then, the client picks the final images to be edited based on an agreement in advance of how many final images are needed. For example, two final images of each of the 14 people plus a few groups shots seems to be about right on this particular project.

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