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Do You Run Your Photography Business At a Turtle’s Pace? Too Slow May Not Work

Turtle Now that I have your attention with the title and the cartoon turtle, let's get down to business: Do You Run Your Photography Business At a Turtle's Pace?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you can have a heart attack from going, going, going. You can also not get as much done by multi-tasking constantly. In addition, you have to have to take a break every now and then. I get it. Stick with me on this one, you'll see what I'm up to in this post.

If you are throwing 10 darts against the wall (metaphorically speaking) every minute of every day and not being strategic about your approach, that is not the ideal way to run your photography business, but it still may be better in the end than a turtle's pace. The ultimate goal is to be strategic but make things happen instead of talking about them over and over with no action.

A turtle moves faster than a snail. I could have slowed things down even more by making the title "Do You Run Your Photography Business At a Snail's Pace? However, I'll stick with the turtle analogy.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race Or Does It
You've likely heard that "Slow And Steady Wins The Race." However, that may not be true in your photography business. It really depends on how you define that, how successful your strategies are and how soon you really need things to happen.

It's already getting into late January 2016. If you are not going full force by now on your 2016 photography marketing and business plan, you are definitely behind. You have to get and keep the momentum going. Getting and keeping momentum going is hard to do when you are moving at a turtle's pace. Therefore, you might have to crank things up a couple of notches.

Here Are Some Examples Of Moving At A Turtle's Pace Vs. A Faster Get It Done Pace

"I need to do some business networking" - "That business networking meeting was great."

"I need to do more than just Facebook business posts." - "Wow, it's great using Twitter and LinkedIn."

"I need to grow my photography business." - "It's nice to see that 2016 is looking better than 2015 already."

In other words, take action and take it faster than moving at a turtle's pace. Once you see what is working and what is not, stop doing the things that are not working. However, as long as it's not breaking the bank, you should stay consistent for at least 90 days. That's not a magic time-frame. It is simply meant to encourage you to try something consecutively for more than a day, a week or even a month.

Slow and steady may win the race if it's a very well thought out strategic plan that is implemented properly. However, too slow can cause you to be left behind in your photography business.

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David Williams

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