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Does Your LinkedIn Business Profile Headshot Resemble The Real You?

Zombie Headshot Purcahsed At Big Stock Under UWS

OK The Image Is Overkill - But It Gets Your Attention!

LinkedIn is one of  the most important business platforms on the internet and you should be using a truly professional headshot. Your headshot is likely the first thing that anyone viewing your profile will notice on LinkedIn. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Does your current image represent you at your best? Whether it was taken by a professional photographer or is a selfie that you took, there is still no guarantee that it does the real you justice. Oh, and the selfie of you and your car is likely not a fit for LinkedIn. Those shots are great for Facebook though.

As a professional photographer, why would I suggest that a professional image may not be doing the real you justice? Because not every professional photographer is truly capable of working with people on an individual basis to capture a great image that truly makes you as the client say WOW! or your're a magician (one I've heard).

Everyone is usually critical of images of themselves. So my goal as a professional photographer that does countless headshots for Linkedin profiles and has literally photographed thousands of people on an individual basis for headshots is to get a WOW from the individual. It's true that not every shot that I take of someone will be so amazing that I'll get a comment like "that's the best picture anyone has every taken of me." But my goal is to get an image that will truly represent someone in a way on LinkedIn that the image will help get an interview, help build connections, help get them in the door at a company whether self-employed or looking for a career change, help someone think that this is someone that I'd like to do business with, etc.

It's wonderful to me as a professional photographer when something clicks and someone says,"It's time to change out my old LinkedIn headshot because it's just not helping me and really doesn't even look much like me." When someone gets that the selfie image is no longer enough or the somewhat professional image snapped at a department store just want cut it or the image their friend took with a "nice" camera at the company picnic is just not good enough, that's a great moment for the individual and for me as a professional headshot photographer.

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