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As you scroll down, you will see examples of edited images.

Post Editing Time...Up To *20 Minutes Per Included Image 

Additional Editing Rates Beyond 20 Minutes: $150 an hour | 12 minute minimum $30 & billable in 6 minute minimum increments of $15 per 6 minutes after the initial minimum of 12 minutes.

Headshots - 10 Basic edits listed below included in up to 20 minutes per final image:

1) Stray Hairs
2) Blemishes
3) Softening of Facial, Eye, Forehead and Neck Lines
4) Minimal Clothing Wrinkles On Solid Colors Only ( NO patterns / stripes )
5) Facial Shine 
6) Glasses Glare
7) Teeth Whitening
8) Color Correction
9) Exposure Correction
10) Cropping ( Standard Unless Requesting No Cropping )

Note: Any requests outside the list above is not included in our basic editing and is subject to additional fees. If you don't see something, it may be further down this page or you can ask for details.  Beyond the Basics: If you are interested in editing beyond the above that may not be included without an additional charge, please ask when you reply with your selection(s) not after the editing is completed Basic editing is strictly limited to the 10 areas above, other requests like double chin work and facial slimming are outside of the scope of basic edits. Basic editing is only one corrective pass before additional charges may be incurred. Manipulating backgrounds, cutouts, smiles, eyebrows, lazy eye correction, etc. as well as many other types of editing requests not listed above can be custom quoted as needed with a $30 minimum charge per image based on a 12 minute minimum.

Non-Headshot Images - Basic edits for commercial use images, products, etc. include up to 20 minutes per image. Any requests made by the client should fit within the 20 minutes or the additional hourly rate for editing may apply.

*Event Style Editing - For corporate event images and certain other circumstances, we do a color and exposure correction pass in post to provide a better image than straight out of camera.

*Custom Quotes - We can quote specific needs. For example, some images may take 1 hour to 2+ hours per image which would add an additional $150 to $300+ per image. However, in many cases, we do allow our clients to edit the digital JPG files on their own if they so choose beyond what we include as the base.

*Defining Up To 20 Minutes: We do not track every image by the minute on the included edits of up to 20 minutes. For example, there may be 6 headshots to edit which means the total time should not exceed 2 hours ( 6 images x up to 20 minutes each ). However, if the editing is finished in 1 hour and 40 minutes, that does not leave a balance of 20 minutes of bonus editing. We simply say up to 20 minutes per image to provide an idea for the client and allow our team to have parameters to stay within. Our goal is to be fair to our clients while maintaining a profitable, stable business model.

For headshots, our goal is to keep people looking natural while utilizing Photoshop and Lightroom for optimal results: No matter how talented and knowledgeable a photographer is, there are things that can be done in post editing that cannot be accomplished in camera even by the most experienced veteran photographer.

NOTE: Not all post editing is the same. In our case, we don't just drop an image in a program like PortraitPro and press a couple of buttons. Our approach to post editing is more customized which is why we use Photoshop and Lightroom for our post editing work. Some photographers may use a program like Portrait Pro ( Portrait Professional ) for their post editing. But that's not us!

*A few basic and extensive editing samples are below, but our team has worked with thousands of digital images.

Elyse Before and After

Look Great. Feel Great. Makeup Artist(s) & Hair Stylist Available:

Ashley - Our Primary Makeup Artist - 18+ Years of Experience

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our image is our introduction to the world so it’s important that you feel good about how you look. Professional Makeup Artist Ashley Bromirski understands that having the right makeup and overall image can make all the difference in the way you feel and the way you photograph.

Why Makeup is Important for your Headshot…

Your headshot image should create a positive reaction and/or a feeling of connection or engagement from the viewer. Anything that distracts can significantly reduce the impact of the shot. Proper clothing selection, jewelry, hair and makeup should be positive attributes to your overall image. There’s a true art to knowing the best color, product or technique to highlight a client’s best qualities while still maintaining their lifestyle and personalities. Whether you wear makeup regularly or not – a skilled, trained makeup artist like Ashley knows how to apply camera-ready makeup while still maintaining a natural and professional result.

Deidre - Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Deidre is a licensed cosmetologist from Aveda Institute, with over 7 years of experience in the hair and makeup Industry. She has an eye for the small details that can add to any editorial, headshot, commercial or film shoot. Working with clients to achieve their desired look from start to finish is where her experience shows. Having a professional by your side during your session adds ease and comfort, knowing you'll look and feel your absolute best!



Before and After Full Edit for Site
Headshot Before In Studio vs

Before and After Of Lady In Sweater

Ksha-Before-and-after with text

Eyes Before and After 1

Heather Before And After

Before and After Teeth And NeckBefore and After Eyes 2

Before and After

*For headshots, we include basic post production editing with your final paid selection(s): softening facial and neck lines, correcting stray hair, whitening teeth (most of the time we do slightly not super bright), getting hair off clothing, minor glasses glare, color correction, shine on face/head and a few other other things may be included as basic edits.Extensive edits are available at a reasonable additional fee per image. An example of an extensive edit is cutting out your image as shot and placing it on an HDR background which requires additional time to complete. Please feel free to discuss this with David when scheduling your session.

A few examples of POTENTIAL “Extensive editing” ( NOT an all inclusive list ) are…

…Change color of clothing
…Take off 10 years, 10-20 lbs, etc.
…Head swap, Eye swap, Mouth swap, etc.
…Major Glasses Glare That Requires Eye Swapping
…Braces removal
…Opening eyes
…Removing Double Chin
…Changing to a different background