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February Photography Business Checkup – How Are Things Going In 2016 So Far?

Time for a Check-Up words on a clock face as a reminder to get a physical, examination or evaluation as a preventative precaution and good health care On January 16th, I posted a mid-January checkup about your 2016 photography marketing plan. Well, today is Friday, February 12th which means that it's 6 weeks into 2016 and only two full workweeks left in February. So to keep the motivation going, I think it's time for another checkup.

Is 2016 shaping up like you had hoped it would?
If YES, GREAT! If NO, then what are you doing to change that. No one will make it happen for you better than you. If you are still making excuses and letting other things get in the way, that is no ones fault except your own (barring any uncontrollable tragic events in your life which if you are reading this then that is unlikely).

What are you going to do the next 6 weeks different from the first 6 weeks?
In roughly 6 weeks, the first full quarter of the new year will be over. It will be around April 1st and 1/4th of the new year will be over. If you are having the kind of success you'd like in 2016, just keep doing what you are doing that is working, toss out what is not and keep your head held high. If you are not having the kind of success you'd like after the first 6 weeks of the year, you need to make some drastic changes NOW! I mean, today, at this moment, right now! Not tomorrow which is Saturday or next week because you'll start on your revised plan Monday, but I really mean right now. Since you are at the end of this post, you can grab a pen and paper and write down what you are going to do differently the next 6 weeks to make things happen.

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David Williams

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