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Getting The Canon 5D Mark IV – Several Months After The Release

Like many photographers, I was frustrated by Canon's release of the 5D Mark IV.

Being a full time professional photographer and shooting with the amazing 5D Mark III since 2012 (the year it was released), I was hoping for a solid 4K option for video in the Canon 5D Mark IV especially with a release that came over 4 years after the Canon 5D Mark III. But it seems Canon cannot keep up with the competition when it comes to 4K technology or maybe they can but they just want to save it for their Cinema line. However, several months after the release, I have accepted the fact that the 5D Mark IV is more for photographers and 1080P HD video shooters than those looking for a solid 4K DSLR from Canon that is in line with the competition.

Before I move on, YES, the Canon 5D Mark IV shoots 4K, but in a file format that is many times the size of competitor files and there is a crop factor when shooting 4K. If Sony can have a 4K camera with much smaller files and without a crop factor, why can't Canon do the same?

I finally ordered a 5D Mark IV. Although I'm frustrated by the 4K option and the Mark IV not having a CF Fast card option, I have decided that it is a step up from the Canon 5D Mark III. I looked at some comparisons online of the Mark IV vs. Mark III and read a review by someone who went from the III to the IV and loves it. I also took to heart something Jared Polin (Fro Knows Photo) mentions in the video at the end of this post which is something like this: "If you are a full time professional, making your living with photography, doing it day in and day out, the Mark IV is a worthy upgrade from the Mark III." Since I am a full time pro that has put hundreds of thousands of shutter clicks on my Mark III's, I've decided that what the Mark IV offers in upgrades vs. the Mark III that it was finally time to take the leap.

Mark IV vs. Mark III
30.4MP vs. 22.3MP
Better Dynamic Range
Better Weather Sealing
New Processor DIGIC 6+ vs. 5+
Slightly More Focus Coverage
Touch Screen
1080P at 60FPS vs. 30FPS
1080P HDR Video Shooting
Autofocus Video
Faster Autofocus In Low Light
WiFi And More!

In addition to being heavily invested into Canon glass like many full time professionals, the other key reason that I stick with Canon is that Canon's service is absolutely AMAZING. I love the Canon Professional Services Program. If their service was terrible, I would definitely be looking at competitor cameras more.

As of this post, I have not received the 5D Mark IV yet, so there will be a future post based on real world experience.

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David Williams

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