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I Bought Two Used Profoto Disc Umbrella Reflectors For Profoto Flash Heads

Profoto Disc Umbrella Reflector for Profoto Flash Heads

Ebay Listing Photo

I did not shoot the picture of the "Profoto Disc Umbrella Reflector" to the left. It is from the Ebay listing that I purchased it from.

I don't mind purchasing some photography gear used and saving money. Items like strobe accessories, light stands, tripods and more are all items that I will likely not hesitate buying used. I am a little less likely to buy a camera body or a lens used. However, thanks to Canon Professional Services which enables me to have Canon brand bodies and lenses checked out by Canon, I am also open to considering those items used.

I love my Profoto lighting, but just like their lights, Profoto accessories are not cheap. The profoto disc umbrella reflector for profoto flash heads is no exception at $105 new before sales tax or shipping. Although getting it out of New York to North Carolina would not add any tax and the shipping would likely be free.

$105 for something so simple to reduce spill over light is not super cheap in my opinion. That's why I went to Ebay to see what was available used.

I purchased the one pictured here for $56 including shipping. Other than a minor scratch or two, it looks to be in great shape and should do the job that it's meant to do just fine. I also used this purchase to help me get a second one for $56 including shipping that I think will be in even better shape based on the description on Ebay. I simply messaged the person with the listing and mentioned that if they'd allow me to purchase their's for $56 like I did for another one recently that they could consider it sold. They changed the price. I bought it. We are both happy. So once the latest one arrives in a few days, I'll have two used profoto disc umbrella reflectors for $112 vs. just one brand new one for $105.

1) Don't neglect the option of buying used photography gear.
2) D
on't think you always have to have the latest, greatest in the photography world.
Don't forget the power of negotiation.

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David Williams

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