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Is Twitter Part Of Your Social Media Mix?

Canon TwitterCan I pinpoint a single direct sale to Twitter? NO! Do I still find value in Twitter? Yes!

The tweet above from Canon USA Imaging is just one of several times that I have been able to get in front of brands like Canon. Even if I cannot pinpoint a single sale to Twitter, I firmly believe that tweets from big brands along with likes and retweets cannot be harming my social media presence.

Twitter can be a little frustrating if you are not familiar with the platform. However, I've personally found it far better to reach big brands than Facebook.

Whether you have 50, 500, 5,000 or 50,000+ followers on Twitter, it's about the quality of connections and interactions that matter not the fact that you have a big following and nothing else is happening. It's true that numbers may solve some problems because you'll have a broader audience. However, is the audience that follows you an active, captive audience or a bunch of fake or dormant accounts?

Although I do like Twitter, if I were knew to Twitter, I wouldn't make it my top priority when it comes to social media. But if you have the time to stay active on Twitter, I think it should be in your social media mix provided that you are already solid in other areas like a complete LinkedIn profile, regular updates on LinkedIn and regularly active on Facebook because I believe both of those to be better than Twitter for the average user.

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Here's a long read on LinkedIn about Twitter from a friend of mine who is also an Award Winning Author: Check Out What Jay Izso Has To Say!

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