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Life Could Be So Different – Meeting Someone with Severe Cerebral Palsy

The other night, Brenda and I were invited to dinner at a restaurant with our daughters boyfriend's family. It was our first time meeting all of them. I knew he had a relative (cousin I think) that is handicapped. He actually has severe cerebral palsy. He cannot dress himself, feed himself or speak well. His name is Terry and that's how I'll refer to him in the rest of my post.Cerebral Palsy

As I sat next to Terry based on the seating arrangements, I think that I was likely more uncomfortable than he was. I didn't know what to say or how to act at first because I have not been around a lot of people in a motorized wheel chair with a severe disability. I sat there thinking of what to say and of how blessed that I really am. Terry had to be fed his cheeseburger and cannot easily chew like most of us. I couldn't do anything that I currently do like photography and video with that severe of a handicap. However, as the evening went on, I realized that Terry is living life to his fullest in his condition.

Terry had just gotten back from Las Vegas from the Monster Truck show. This past basketball season Terry went to a North Carolina State (State as we say in this parts of NC) vs. University of North Carolina (Carolina as we say round here). He likes NASCAR. Terry is just a regular guy at heart stuck in a body that doesn't allow him to do what most of us take for granted.

No matter who your are or how healthy you are, you could become severally handicapped. So live your life everyday. Be Thankful Everyday. Try not to whine over the little things. My goal is to try and be better about all of these things. It's easy to get busy and forget, but don't let life get in the way of living.

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