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Motivation For Photographers: Feel Good Now | Tony Robbins

Start Your Upcoming Photography Workweek  Right!
Video Length: 2 Minutes 17 Seconds – Blog Post Length: 303 Words

Tomorrow is another Monday. Is that a good thing for your photography business or a bad thing?

You have the option to decide what today, tomorrow and the week will be like. OK that may be limited by things you cannot control, but at least you get the general concept.

Choose to make the coming workweek a FEEL GOOD week. Yes, feeling good may wear off and is often easier to be depressed and angry rather than feel good all the time. Feeling good is better than the alternative, but without some real actions, you may not actually grow your photography business. But making yourself feel good is better than a Monday morning pity party about how terrible the week ahead looks because you don't have any photography work on your plate or you only have one project all week.

The key is to make yourself feel good enough to stay motivated about taking some key actions to get your photography to the next level. So what action will you take right not to change your photography future for the better?

Some Notes From The Video: You don't need an excuse to feel good. Normal is not depressed and frustrated. I feel so down all the time. I feel angry all the time. Once you are in that state, you'll continue to do things that make you feel that way. The key is to find the right state (the good one, the positive one) and continue staying in that state. You have a choice. Which will you choose? Learn more by spending less than 2 minutes watching this video. If you want to let it sink in, watch it more than once and take some notes. Enjoy your week ahead.

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David Williams

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