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Click Here To View Several Videos Not On This Page

Click Here To View Several Videos Not On This Page


This is a Corporate History video and is just one of many styles of videos that you will find on this page.


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This is from a corporate conference. We went with a non-corporate style music. The client loved it!

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The video below was shot in 4K in two different states, includes some nice follow footage and drone footage!

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The video below is an example of an under 3 minute highlight reel. This style video is usually half day or full day shoot.

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The video below won 1st place in a contest that the client entered it in. It took many hours to produce the 60 second clip below.

The video above is the last video on this page.

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We are passionate about what we do and very pleased to have earned over 175 Five Star Reviews on Google.

Here's a review from Stonegate Financial:
"Many thanks to David and his staff for creating some great videos for our website! Brittney efficiently led the crew through the shoot and then creatively edited the footage to capture the feel and message we were looking for. They were proactive in providing helpful tips that made the process run very smoothly. We were very satisfied with their video production services and would definitely use them again."

Full Service Video Production "Or" We Can Simply Capture The Footage!

RTP Photo and Video, Inc. is a corporate video production company located in Raleigh NC focusing exclusively on video for business use. Whether it's a corporate conference, a business promotional video, a simple talking head video or any of the other types of videos for business, it's what we do. We love doing corporate video production whether we are working direct with corporate clients or via agencies.

We provide both single or multi-camera business video production services. Although we are a video production company that can provide a crew larger than a team of three if necessary, it's not uncommon for our regular production crew to be a team to consist of two to three team members. However, if you are in need of just one professional videographer with a camera on a tripod, we can provide that as well. Our company offers scalable video production services because we know that not every video project will have the same project scope. 

As a corporate video production company, we understand video services in the business world. Our portfolio above is by no means our full portfolio. We have done internal training videos that are not shown on this page and many other types of videos including a worldwide launch video for a Fortune 500 company that we were hired to shoot the video footage in the Raleigh area which was edited in Germany. 

Not all video production companies are exclusive to corporate and business video production, but for us, it's what we know and love. Sorry, there are no wedding videos on this page or other consumer videos in our portfolio. It's not who we are.

Whether you are looking for a full service business video production company including shooting and editing or you are simply looking for a videography team to capture the footage because you have the editing resources already in place, RTP Photo and Video can provide the videography services that you need to get you covered.

Please also remember that we are as well versed in photography as we are video production. Therefore, we are a one stop shop for both your videography and your photography needs when it comes to business use media. Also, please keep in mind that we are not limited to the Raleigh NC area. We do travel and have shot video in several different states.

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  • Promotional Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Highlight Reel Videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • Company Culture Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Corporate Event Videos
  • Large Conference Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Documentary Videos
  • Break Out Session Videos
  • Unboxing Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Talking Head Videos
  • Interview Style Videos
  • Tips Series Videos
  • Drone Videos & More!
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How Much Will A Video Cost? The Answer Really Is - It Depends...

You will quickly discover that cost in the market is all over the place for video production. The 3 T's - Time, Talent and Tools are typically three key factors in determining the cost of any video. However, they are not the only factors: Equipment Ownership vs. Renting Gear, Outsourcing vs. In House Team, General Operating Costs ( one man band working from home vs. downtown high rise office space ) and more all go into factoring final video production costs. Even a simple talking head can have multiple dynamics like video length, in studio or on site, two camera angles, etc. We are not the most expensive video production team in the area, but we are also not the least expensiveContact us now to get a free quote to find out

Time - How much time pre-planning? How much time shooting? How many locations? How much time in post production editing? How many revisions?

Talent - How experienced is the video team? How large of a team is needed? How long will the team be needed? Is the team in house or outsourced?

Tools - Is an outdated camcorder that records to tape or up to date digital gear being used? Is there a need to record in log files? Is 1080HD or 4K needed? What type of other tools like sliders, drones, gimbals, etc. will be needed / utilized? What type of audio gear is being used on set: on camera mic vs. professional wireless audio, booms and external recorders? Is lighting gear needed? Is a teleprompter needed?

It truly is best to discuss the details by phone at 919.723.8453 or face-to-face without obligation. We can likely provide a general idea of pricing within minutes to same day maximum.

Focused On Two Areas Of Visual Media: Videography and Photography!

We are strategically focused on doing two things well which is why we have spent years building a team of professionals that understand video and photography. It's also why we invest in the tools needed to get the job done. Many of our clients love that we are a one stop shop for both services, but we are not a one stop shop for every form of digital media and marketing known to man. We believe that if we are great at just two areas of visual media, our clients will benefit in the end. Being a Jack of all trades and master of none is not who we are.

Yes, we can provide helpful advice on how to properly use video and still images including assistance setting up a YouTube channel if needed. Yes, we are experienced in working with agencies and directly with internal marketing teams or solo marketing professionals and consultants. Yes, we can make connections for our clients if needed to marketing consultants and/or agencies upon request. However, our core specialties are making videos and creating still images that our clients love.

As Stephen Covey once said, 'keep the main thing the main thing.' We'll be happy to work closely with your internal team and/or your external agency or consultant. Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to video and/or photography.

Let's discuss your specific needs by phone at 919.723.8453 or face-to-face. You may also use the REQUEST A QUOTE button in the lower right to contact us online.


FAA Drone Certified: Videography And Photography!

In addition to offering ground level services, we also offer drone video and photography. Drone footage is great and adds a nice touch; however, drone footage is not needed for every project. But when our clients need drone video and/or photography, we have a long time relationship with an FAA Drone Certified professional (FAA 107).

When drone work is part of an overall full service video production, commercial photography shoot or part of a capture only project which includes other video and/or photography, we can be extremely competitive with rates, our drone rates are very competitive in the local market as part of a video package. In addition, we also provide one off drone only video and/or photography services.