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Networking with Great Photographers Locally and Around The World: Brett Florens

I own two DVD's from Brett Florens and his book a "Guide to Photographing Weddings." Like Glen Dewis that I posted about yesterday, I have found that in my case Brett is very approachable. He seems to really care.

I decided to contact Brett shortly after going through his 6 hour DVD set "The London Sessions." To my surprise, I was able to connect with Brett on SKYPE. However, like anyone running a business that stays busy, he is by no means at my beckon call. My point to all of this is take the actions needed to reach out to those you respect. If you do enough of that, you may be surprised at how many people take the time to engage in conversation with you.

On a local level, you can likely find many good photographers to network with that don't feel threatened by you in their market. There are several in my local area that I enjoy talking shop with so to speak like Cramer Galimore, Charles Gupton and Kevin Seifert just to name a few. I have only met with resistance with one photographer in recent history who wrote and I quote "I am not agreeing to the option of sharing this BNI seat with David Williams or any other photographer." This reply was when I reached out about sharing a local networking seat with her that is generally exclusive but can be shared when two professional agree on it. Obviously, there are people who may feel threatened or just not be very nice thinking they have to have it all. Well, I believe the world is big enough for all of us. Pro Photographer's should stick together in this day and age of so many saying they are a photographer because they just bought a $799 camera off Amazon.

I encourage you to take action and reach out to photographer's locally and around the world. It's great to network with like minded people. You may also learn something new along the way.

As always, comments are welcome.

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David Williams

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