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North Carolina Commercial Photographer – David Williams Based In Raleigh – Plus Basic Info For Photographers

HDR Copyright David Williams

HDR Image of DEA in front of an abandoned warehouse. Image Copyright David Williams

The image on the left was taken in Lee County North Carolina on a full day commercial photoshoot for an international brand. The image was taken near the end of the day and was just 1 of 5 locations the day encompassed.

Although several people have told me it looks like a gaming image which I consider a compliment, it's actually not for a gaming company. It's just a quick creative HDR of 1 of 1,400+ shots that I took on location throughout the day. I'm not sure how the client will use the image. 

The title of this blog post is "North Carolina Commercial Photographer - David Williams Based In Raleigh," but in reality, I travel throughout the United States and Internationally. I used North Carolina in this title because I did this commercial photoshoot outside of the Raleigh are but still in North Carolina.

Being a commercial photographer is something that I really enjoying doing. It's nice to be able to shoot on location, do cool shots like this one and get paid to do it. Business and commercial photography is all I do. I have friends that are passionate about wedding photography and I'm more than happy to refer weddings to them. For me, I am super passionate about the commercial side of photography. Like my friends who love doing weddings, I love doing commercial photography and I'm happy to be based in Raleigh NC. I have no desire to re-locate to New York or Los Angeles. 

Commercial photography is different than consumer photography in two core ways.

1) The images are typically used for commercial use in various types of media like print, web, trade shows, publications, etc. For example, the images from this photoshoot are intended for worldwide use to promote the brand (which I'm not naming here).

2) The end client is typically a company or an agency not an everyday consumer. For me, I love working with business professionals, the director of marketing, creative directors, art directors, agencies and the like. 

In many of my posts, I try to provide information that is beneficial to a photographer who may want to pursue what I am talking about and to a potential client who may be interested in hiring me for what I am talking about:

Are you a company or agency that stumbled across this page and need to hire a commercial photographer?

Here are some things to help you out if you'd like to considering hiring me:

1) Take a look at my partial client list.
2) My commercial photography page is by no means all inclusive. I have shot products for a global brand that cannot be posted on my site for numerous reasons.
3) I'm not right for every commercial photography need nor is most any other photographer right for every need. But I am very experienced and easy to work with.
4) I do have liability insurance coverage.
5) I travel wherever a car, train, boat, jet or my feet will get me to.

You can reach me direct at 919.723.8453 or use the web form on my site to request a quote.

Are you a photographer wanting to start out in commercial photography or transition from consumer photography to commercial photography?

My advice in the next few sentences will be basic and is not meant to provide all the answers for your journey. Here are several things to consider:

1) You should try assisting a commercial photographer.
2) You should build a portfolio that represents your style that all commercial clients will not like, but those that do will hire you for your style.
3) You will learn quickly that working with consumer clients and commercial clients can be different in numerous ways which will not be listed here.
4) You should start working with commercial clients and agencies no matter how small in order to build your business. Bigger opportunities will come.
5) Shoot with the best gear that you can afford. Don't show up to a commercial shoot with one camera body and a kit lens. 
6) Get some liability insurances. If you don't, you will likely lose some commercial photoshoots. Oh, it's typically NOT expensive.

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David Williams

Short Bio About The Author: I'm David Williams a professional commercial photographer focusing on corporate and business clients with some personal branding, lifestyle photography in the mix. My love for photography began in late 1981 while still in High School. I started making money with his camera in 1982. Brenda, my wife, and I started working together in photography in 1988 shortly after we met. Brenda and I married in 1989 and have two adult daughters. Please be sure to get a quote for services if needed. Call or Text: 919.723.8453. Please reach out to connect with me on LinkedIn.