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North Hills Networking – Steven David Elliot – Social Media Photography Twist After The June 11th Event

Tuesday evening was another great North Hills Networking Event. If you have never been, you should be sure to join the group on Meetup.  The event organizer is Steven David Elliot pictured to the right.  Steven is passionate about networking and enjoys connecting creative people with one another.

Steven David Elliot at North Hills Networking at Mia Francesca in Raleigh NC

This was mine and Brenda's 3rd time attending the event.  Our first time, we did what  a lot of first time attendee's may do which was a mistake.  We mainly spoke with people we already knew.  That's not a good way to network.  I am man enough to admit that mistake.

Our second time, we attended to shoot this video.  However, Brenda and I did meet Steffanie with A Photographic Memory by Steffanie which we have grown that relationship.  You may ask, "Why are you linking to another photographer from your blog?" It's because Steffanie and I target different markets and what we do cross over in, we are at different price points.  If we both did exactly the same thing at exactly the same price point, that may would make things a little different.

Our third time (last night), we actually networked and met several new people.  We did what we should have done on our first visit.  Brenda and I will be back to North Hills Networking again.

Now, The Social Media Twist Using The One Image Above That I Took With My iPhone And How I Will Spread It Across The Web As Well As This Blog Post

Before I dive in, I will give a quick plug that I teach and consult on things like I am sharing below. I love shooting still images and video, but I also enjoy teaching and consulting as it relates to both of those areas on the web.

Here's what I am doing using the one iPHone image that I took above:

1) I named the file something other than the way the iPhone created it: "Steven David Elliot at North Hills Networking at Mia Francesca in Raleigh NC" which is relevant to the image and not just a bunch of keyword spam.

2) I put my information on the image plus every where that I post it will be tied to an account that is tied to me.

3) I wrote this blog post which after it goes live, I will point back to it via my Tumblr, Blogger,, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon and Delicious accounts just to name a few that come to mind.

4) I posted the image on my Pinterest account and started a BOARD: ... I also have an image of the restaurant sign that I will add to the board as well.

5) I posted the image on the North Hills Networking Meetup group.

6) I posted it on the Facebook Event page for North Hills Networking:

7) I posted it on my Facebook Photography page then shared it on my personal timeline.

8) When I post on Blogger, I'll post to my Google Plus Account as well which automatically pops up right after posting a Blogger blog post.

The above information gives you a few highlights of what you can do with one image in Social Media. It may not be all inclusive of how I will use this image and this blog post, but it should give you something to think about that may help your business.

If you'd like to contact me, you may use my web form.  You'll get a reply within 24 most of the time.

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