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Photographers Pricing Wisdom: Secrets Of Closing The SALE (Cost or Price) – Zig Ziglar

There is a difference in cost and price. Price is what you initially pay for something and cost is the long term investment into that item. For example, as a photographer, you may see the price of one lens at $150 to be better than a similar lens at $600, but what is the long term cost if you have to buy (2) $150 lenses, lose time on repairs and the quality is just not as good as the higher priced lens then end up buying the $600 lens after being frustrated with the cheaper lens. You'll get a better idea of cost and price by watching this video that is less than 5 minutes long.

Here's a brief overview:

We have been conditioned to believe what we see doubt what we hear. Therefore, when you have a change to write it down to show a prospect as well as let them hear, you have a better chance of getting the business.

Find a story that works in your industry. This is one that Zig shares in this video about purchasing a bicycle for his 6 year old son.

$64.95 Schwinn Bike vs. $34.95 Cheaper Bike

$34.95 + $4.50 (repair) = $39.45 + $15 (repair) = $54.45 (Lasted 6 Months - $9 Per Month)

Then went back to $64.95 and road solid for 5 years and casually for 10 years. The annual cost over 10 years was $6.50 per year. What he didn't repeat is how he had already spent $54.45 on a bike that already lasted 6 months. So his cost really included the cheaper bike plus the nicer bike.

A lot of people can be us on price but no one can beat us on cost. Price is a one time thing and cost is a lifetime thing. Don't you really want the lowest cost

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