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Photographing A Wedding In Digital Might Be Stressful But Try Photographing A Wedding With Film

Mamiya C330

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I was on a phone call the other day with a photographer that said he would like to photograph a few weddings a year but has no desire to be a big time wedding photographer.  He mentioned how stressful it is photographing a wedding which brought back memories of shooting in manual, on film and not knowing what I had until the film was processed.  The stress level of shooting weddings on film is a little higher in my opinion than on digital.

I have never photographed a wedding with a digital camera.  Although I no longer do wedding photography and now focus on corporate photography services, I did photograph my first wedding in June 1982 on film.  I was a teenager then, but I did get paid for it.  I have photographed numerous weddings on film in my consumer photography days.

Most of the weddings that I shot in the 80's were on a completely manual medium format camera.  The Mamiya C330 pictured to the right is one of the cameras that I used.  It was a square negative, so there was no need to turn it horizontal.  I also used a manual flash.  I knew what my various f/stops were at certain distances based on the film speed that I was using.

Although I no longer photograph weddings, I do know two wedding photographers in the Raleigh area  that I keep in touch with.  They are at two different price points and I would be happy to put you or someone you know in touch with either of them:  Just fill out my ONLINE CONTACT FORM.

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