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Photographing Artwork For Local Artists In The Raleigh Area: Stephanie Hester Samples

Fine Art America is one of many places online that an artist can sell his or here work. That includes photographers. But for the purpose of this post, my reference is an artist that does paintings like the samples in the gallery below.

The difference in a traditional artist that paints and a photographer is that the traditional artist only has one original copy that he or she created by hand. Of course, you already knew that, but it's helpful to mention anyway to truly understand the value of creating a quality high resolution image of a piece of artwork. Creating a high resolution can be done with a phone camera, but the quality will not be very good especially for reselling prints.

That one original is a why an artist working with a photographer to create a quality high resolution image of his or her artwork to then resell on a site like Fine Art America is so important. Yes, it's true that the artist could invest in the camera gear and photograph his or her own artwork, but working with a photographer that uses professional gear, understands studio lighting and does post production editing on the final image is likely a better option.

photocrati gallery

It's important that the quality of the images represent the artist work properly and that's something that is not as easy to recreate as someone may think. Using a phone camera and going to the local drug store for prints is not the same as having a quality high resolution image taken by a seasoned professional photographer and printed on canvas at a quality printer is just not a apples to apples comparison.

It's true that it may cost a few hundred dollars for several pieces of artwork to be photographed and edited properly. However, if the per final image cost is under $100 per piece of artwork for a quality high resolution image that the artist can sell over and over again, it shouldn't take the artist very long to break even on the investment of using a professional photographer.


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