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Photography Gear Week Day 1 of 4: What’s In My Think Tank Streetwalker Camera Bag?

What Is In My Bag

UNEDITED Photo Taken In N. Raleigh Studio By Assistant John

Pictured on the left is just 1 of 2 Think Tank StreetWalker Backpack Camera Bags  that I carry on a regular basis. So keep in mind that this one bag is by no means all inclusive. However, I wanted to share what's in this one for all the photo geeks reading this post which is 1 of 5 this week.
(2) Canon 5D Mark III Bodies
(8) Canon LP-E6 Batteries
(4) SD/CF Cases
(2) Pocket Wizards
Canon Battery Grip
Canon 70-200mm L f/2.8
Canon 24-70mm L f/2.8
Canon 24mm L f/1.4
Canon 600 EX-RT Speedlite
Canon EX-E3-RT Trigger*
Battery Tester
Canon Battery Charger
Profoto Air Remote Trigger
Variable Polarizing Filter
Allen Wrenches
Flash Light
Gray Card
And A....
Partridge In A Pear Tree
This Think Tank Streetwalker camera bag is not quite as large as some camera backpacks like the Lowepro backpack that is in the same price range that my assistant John has ,but the Streetwalker also has an area for my MacBook Pro which the Lowepro does not. The two bags have held up for me very well including lots of airline travel. The back will fit easily in the overhead bin.
Two Think Tank Streetwalker Bags

UNEDITED Photo Taken In N. Raleigh Studio By Assistant John

*I thought the Canon EX-E3-RT was in this bag, but found out it was the same size case that the trigger goes in. I left it in the list because it would have easily fit under the Canon 600 EX-RT where the case was positioned with the wrong item in it which means that I have to find my trigger.

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