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Photography Gear Week Day 3 of 4: Profoto B2 One Head Kit And MOGOPOD

Profoto B2 One Head Kit On MOGOPOD

UNEDITED Image Shot By John - Profoto B2 One Head Kit And MOGOPOD

At over $2,000 for the setup above plus a $400 hotshoe trigger (not pictured), the setup above may not be practical. However, as a full time professional that regularly shoots on location and regular uses at least one assistant, the setup pictured is a life saver. (FYI, although it's not the same amount of power, you can use a speedlite and a wireless trigger on a MOGOPOD.)

I ended up with the MOGOPOD (monopod) because Tony at Southeastern Camera in Raleigh decided to show me how cool it is. I tend to agree with the MOGOPOD statement of "World's Most Versatile Monopod." You'll have to put one in your hands to see what it's different than a typical monopod. Although it's not as compact as some monopod's it works well for how I use it.

The Profoto B2 One Head Kit is also pictured above. The really nice thing about the setup is that an assistant can use the shoulder strap to hold the very lightweight power pack and easily carry around the MOGOPOD with the B2 head mounted on top of it. The Profoto B2 head is crazy lightweight but puts out 250WS compared to a speedlite that is around 60+/-WS. With the Profoto Air Remote TTL, the system becomes wireless with an assistant serving as an on the go light stand.

As I often say and still firmly believe, do the best you can with what you have to work with. You can get a MOGOPOD for about $120 plus a 3rd party flash like YONGNUO and a wireless trigger for $200+/- depending on what brand of camera you shoot with. If you shoot Canon, you should check out the YONGNUO 600EX and wires trigger if the Canon version is out of your budget range. Although you would not be comparing apples-to-apples, you could have a similar set up for under $400 and put it in your assistants hands (which could be your son, daughter or spouse if you cannot afford an assistant yet) to see how nice it is to shoot wireless and have someone move around for you with the light.

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