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Profoto B2 Kit Lighting Setup With Canon 5D Mark III And 24-105mm Lens Set At F/4

Profoto B2 Lighting with Canon 5D Mark III

I love my Profoto B2 Kit. However, it may not be in the budget for many reading this post. That's why I'll start by saying that you can still do this lighting setup with two speedlites or two inexpensive studio strobes. So don't think you have to buy the B2 kit today. The B2 kit is a great investment if it's in your budget without going into debt to get it. As always, buy the best gear you can afford without going into debt.

The top image is the end result and my setup is shown below the first image.

Here's the gear list (remember substitute with what you have and/or buy what you can afford):

...Canon 5D Mark III with 24-105mm F/4 Lens with the Lens set to F/4
...Profoto B2 Kit with (2) Heads and the Air TTL Trigger
...Profoto OCF 2' Octa with Grid and Profoto Snoot with Grid

How I shot it:

Thanks to the image taken by my assistant, John, you can see that the subject is roughly 6' from the wall. You can also see how the lights are setup, but what you cannot tell is what I'll share in the next paragraph.

The snoot head in the back pointing to the guitar is set at a higher power than the front light. That's why it looks brighter. The grid on the front octa keeps the light from spreading as much as it would without the grid which is why the light on the subject looks like it does and also leaves the wall dark over his right shoulder. In addition, I exposed for the scene not the room. Notice how bright the room is but how dark the final image looks. That's because I was exposing based on the strobes not the room lighting.

How to do the shot without breaking the bank:

Again, I love my Profoto B2 Kit. But it's not going to work for everyone's budget.

With the above said, here's an alternative way to shoot this for less.

1) Use whatever DSLR you have. The Canon 70D for example would work well or a T3i or other DSLR
2) Use TWO speedlites with a wireless trigger(s).
3) Use the ROGUE Speedlite Snoot
4) Use a ROGUE Speedlite Softbox (It's small and keeps the light tight when upclose.)

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