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Shop Local in Raleigh NC or Your Local Community Wherever That May Be

Shop Local

IMAGE CREDIT: I got the image above from a July 10th, 2011 post on Women's Lifestyle Magazine.

On my personal Facebook page (friend request me if you'd like), I asked for ONE or more reasons to SHOP LOCAL.  You will see several of the comments below my blog post on shopping local.

SHOP LOCAL by David Williams

We've all heard the stories or have seen it happen with the MEGA store opening up just outside of a small downtown and the downtown becomes a Ghost Town.  Mom and Pops cannot compete on price in many instances.  However, Mom and Pops offer so much more like helpful service and a friendly smile for starters.

When I was in 6th grade, my Dad and Uncle owned the NAPA store in Downtown Wake Forest.  I worked there after school for $20 a week.  I guess that worked out to about $2 an hour.  Just across the street was an old fashion drug store that I could go up to the counter and order an orange aide (fresh squeezed orange is some good sugary water).  Further down the street, there was a Traditional Downtown Dime Store.  Just across the street from the Dime Store was Shorty's Hot Dogs. Shorty's is still there and has been around since 1916.  Although things have changed in Downtown Wake Forest since I was in 6th grade, it is a thriving Small Town Downtown from the best that I can tell.  There are lots of businesses in the heart of Downtown Wake Forest.  When you have time, grab a hot dog at Shorty's and stroll the sidewalks.  Just don't visit on a Sunday because most everything is closed in Downtown Wake Forest.

Two of my favorite places to spend my fortune at ( just kidding ) are Southeastern Camera in Raleigh on Atlantic Avenue and Charron's Deli in Youngsville.  There are many more small businesses that I support of course, but I want to focus briefly on these two:

I have known and dealt with Tony at Southeastern Camera since the 80's.  By now, he knows me by name, but so do many others at Southeastern Camera.  It feels good to walk in somewhere and be called by your name.  They also treat me very well there including their rental department.  I just remembered as I type this that I have a $649 credit there.  That's an even better reason to go visit them on Saturday.

Charron's Deli is not only completely family ran with the 4th generation working in the sandwich shop, but their sandwiches are far better than the National Franchise brands like Subway just down the street.  The prices at Charron's are higher, but it's not about the price.  It's about the food and the atmosphere of a small family ran business with classic rock playing in the background.  If you are ever in Downtown Youngsville, you have to try Charron's Deli.

Below are several of the comments from my Facebook post......

Phoenix Dela Mer Rector wrote "Shopping local puts money back into your community. It helps keep towns alive. Meet your neighbors today . Check out some of those downtown shops.   I'm really glad we have so much support in our area for small towns. "Convenience" isn't always the only value. Longevity of a communities health is based on a willingness to grow locally, keep up with the changing times while letting the fads pass you by."

Robert Kastelic wrote "Shopping at locally owned businesses gives fuel to the economic development, survival and recovery of all towns and municipalities. Where you spend your money truly does matter. FB- Outside Raleigh: Check out our revised website at"

Kellie Amero Stobie wrote "Shopping local not only keeps money in your community, it also oftentimes gets you the best quality and superior customer service."

Anora McGaha wrote "The Joyful Jewel in Pittsboro, and Liquidambar Studio of Art in Pittsboro, and Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store are just three of the downtown locally owned stores with beautiful and fresh local jewelry, local art and local heart. Shopping there supports many local creatives as well as the families of the owners. (I have hand colored greeting cards, and books for sale at The Joyful Jewel, and at the Pittsboro Roadhouse, crystals to hang from rear view mirrors where you can also hang sunglasses.) One of my favorite reasons to shop locally is the relationships - I can meet the people who have taken the risk to have a storefront business, and I can meet the artists who created beautiful objects and writing that I love. It's doubly exciting to get to know the people making things happen."

Chris Dunaway wrote "I shop locally due to growing up in Apex, which means a personal relationship with a lot of the owners. I realize that its a razors edge of surviving and going under so try and support the ones I do know."

Cathy Michelena wrote "Gives back to the local economy."

Wendy M. Reis wrote "I prefer to do business with people I like, know and trust."

Dawn Lancaster wrote "I will be shopping local Saturday. Much more personalized end enjoy the people."

Debbie Wright wrote "I own a small grooming shop in Tempe AZ. I depend on people shopping locally and frequent others stores like mine. During this economy we would all be unemployed if it were not for each other. However, realize that many of the franchise businesses are also owned by your friends and neighbors. Know them and support them as well. They tend to be the smaller shops with the branded names. It's the big box that we avoid this weekend."

Fran Wheeler wrote "I support shopping local in every way you can. Don't risk losing all our local stores to the big box and discount chains that don't care about our communities."

Cramer Gallimore wrote "I absolutely believe in shopping local as much as possible. Sometimes it is not possible, as Nikon cameras are not made in the US. The reason: one should not complain if small businesses go under if you've chosen to buy out of town or eat exclusively in chains. There are some services that are inherently local, such as your custom "personality" portraits shot in downtown Wake Forest. I love flying to shoots but enjoy driving an hour to one as well. You can see photos from NC and all over the world at"

Charles Johnson wrote "I absolutely believe in supporting local business because I think supporting those that you see everyday creates a bond between not just customer and business but between families. As a customer the local business helps my family and in return I help the business owner's family. It's a great relationship! You can get my new book called "I Am Sam" Ten Keys to Success from Green Eggs and Ham on my website at Thanks David Williams for your help and support!!!"

Lav Chintapalli wrote "Saturday is Small Business Saturday® – a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. This Holiday Season, give the gift of love. Please contact us to get your Gift Certificates for Track-Out Camps, Youth Programs & Adult Workshops. Check out the list of offerings here ... "


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